Accepting Yourself & Feeling Empowered

We live in a society that always makes us feel like not quite enough. And, honestly, it’s not even societies fault, really. It’s built into our culture. Part of it is sort of good in a sense. However, like we everything, there’s two sides to the coin. The first being, if we don’t feel like we’re enough we usually push ourselves to grow. Now, that may be a small slice of society, but it does do some good.

The other side of the coin is the dark side. The side where we don’t feel like enough and it makes us feel badly about ourselves for no reason. The answer? Self-acceptance, with a focus on improving just because it feels good and we authentically want to. Otherwise, it’s coming from a strange, perplexing place. If you’re a BBW, rock your curves and accept yourself fully. And then do what comes naturally to you.

If you’d like to get into the gym, get into the gym. If not, great. But fully accepting yourself along the way, along the journey, will always be the best route. That way you get the positive and negative side, helping to make you feel good but also motivate you. This is truly the best of both worlds, and allows you true peace of mind, while improving. If you’d like more tips, please stop back by next week. We have a whole new empowerment series coming for the new year.